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Tunis village

     Its a picturesque lakeside village overlooking Qaroun Lake in the vicinity of Fayoum and home to an eco lodge by the name of Zad Al Mosafer.

     If you are one of those who adores nature and dreams to spend a night in its charming warm away from the chaotic cities just remember the

                          Eastern Switzerland: Tunis


The story of the village of Tunis 

     In 1962, the famous poet Sayed Hegab with his Swiss wife Evelynne came to the village. They fell in love with the place, quickly purchased land to build a house and the pottery workshop which taught generations of locals a refinement of their art, propelling their products to national celebration. Many famous writers, intellectuals, artists and architects came and purchase houses in it, thus was born the intellectual community that is now Tunis.


What can you see and do in Tunis?

     When you stop in the village of Tunis for a picnic, you will find the peaceful green garden of the famous children's pottery school. It is a great chance to see the young artists making their wares and purchase examples of their craft. In addition to the pretty nature of the village, there are means of entertainment and amenities; you will find an internet café. Many activities are available; bird watching, tracking and camel and horse safaris to the nearby national parks of Wadi El-Rayan, Wadi El-Hitan, Lake Qaroun and the adjoining fields. At the end turn to Qasr Qaroun a wonderful Ptolemic temple located in the south-western part of Fayoum.


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