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Zad El-Mosafer

     Checking in at Zad Al-Mosfer means you simply great the receptionist and ask to be accommodated. No paperwork; no fuss. The rooms have names like esh elfarkha (The chiken coop) in line with this pastoral lodge's tradition of assigning an individual name to each cabin. In your coop you will find the stone floor, the palm frond chairs, the bright colors, the fabric wooden window panes and the mud brick wall; all combined to make a homogeneous picturesque you can never forget. Just open your window to find the palm leaves hanging from the roof above, a soft breeze gently swaying their tips from side to side while the light of the room lamp casts a golden shade on their fringes outsides.


Al Mendada

     Al Mendada, (the table) the restaurant, is a long hall housing all kinds of seating arrangements: rectangular high tables, low round tables and mats on the floor. The roof untraditionally vaulted and paneled with multi-colored kilims richly contrasting with the dark wood of furniture. Strewn here and there pottery containers of various sizes hand woven baskets, camel saddles, book shelves and candle lamps. Various drawings are engraved on to the walls: you may find an undulating snake, a smiling little girl with two braids, the pyramids of Giza, horses, palm trees, dogs, fish, and birds. The spirit is joyful and laid-back.

For reservation: Zad Al Mosafer, Lake Qaroun, Fayoum .Tel: 084 6820180


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