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Wadi El-Rayan Protected Area

     Wadi El-Rayan is a natural depression in the western desert of Egypt, 42m below the sea level. It consists of two lakes connected by Egypt's only waterfall. It was designated as a Protected Area in 1989 to protect the area's biological, geological and cultural resources. The Protected Area covers 1759 km2 in the southern part of El-Fayoum.

    The waterfalls are one of the best known attractions in Wadi El- Rayan Protected Area. The area conserves large expanses of desert containing a variety of landscapes and formations. Rare and fascinating wild life is found in the desert of Wadi El- Rayan along with fossils of creatures of past epochs and cultural heritage sites from ancient civilizations.

Nature in WRPA

     Nestled between limestone ridges and dune fields lives a diversity of desert plant and animal life in WRPA. Several rare and globally threatened animals inhabit the springs area including Dorcas Gazelle, Ruppell's Sand, Fox and Fennec Fox.

    Wadi El- Rayan is a pird watcher's paradise with 169 species. Birds are the most visible wild life in the protected area. It can be seen in the lakes, desert and farm lands. Bird watching is possible throughout the year, but the greatest diversity found in winter when the lakes are teaming with migrant water birds.

    Most memorable is the spectacular scenery of Wadi El- Rayan is the contrast between the blue waters of the lake and the golden desert sand. Take a walk in sand dunes to experience a clear environment where you can relaxed and forget the normal stress of everyday life.

   Wadi El-Rayan attracts about 188.000 visitors a year who never forget their trip.

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