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Qaroun Lake

     It is 20 km from Fayoum, 80 km from Cairo. The lake is considered one of the most important ancient natural lakes. It is the remaining part of the ancient Moeris Lake. It comprises 1155 km2. It is five meters depth in east, thirteen meters in west. You can practice water sports, fishing and bird watching. The best period for fishing is from July to September.

The lake was declared as one of the protected areas in 1989 with a view to protect the area's biological, archaeological, and geological diversity. It is rich with various kinds of fish, in addition to many charming species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Besides many archaeological and geological formations obtained from the rare fossils the area contains.

    One can immerse in the splendid view of 88 species of birds gracefully flying around their nests nearby the lake.

     Among the several monuments the area contains are: El saga palace, Qaroun palace and the remains of the old town of Skitnopius.

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