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Ancient Egyptian Monuments

Obelisk of Senouesrt

    It is a column of granite about thirteen metres high with a round top, Built in honor of King Senousert in the XIIth dynasty. It was moved from its original place in Abgeeg village to stand in about 10 minutes walk from downtown Fayoum.


Hawara Pyramid

     Situated 9 km from the south-west of Fayoum City, The pyramid was built from mud brick and covered with limestone. It is 58 metres high. In 1989 Petry succeeded to enter the pyramid and reach to burial chamber which Consists of one huge mass without any doors, but he found that thieves stole the most important things in it through a hole in its roof. It was built by king Amenemhat III of the XIIth dynasty during Roman times. The king also built a temple called (Labyrinth) which became a great attraction of its immense size. Herodotus claimed that it consisted of 3.000 chambers!


Al Lahun Pyramid

     Situated about 17 km to the south-east of Fayoum. Built by king Senousert II in the XIIth dynasty. The pyramid is on a natural mass limestone rock covered by mud bricks.


Madient Madi Temple

     The building of the temple of Madinet Madi was started during the reign of Amnemhat III and completed by his son Amenemhat IV in the XII dynasty. The temple was dedicated to two deities. The popular crocodile god Sobek and the serpent goddess Renenutet.


Qasr Al Sagha Temple:

     The small lime stone temple, situated to the north of Lake Qaroun, dates back to the Middle Kingdom and consists of seven shrines. Its location offers beautiful visits of the Qatrani Mountain and Qaroun Lake.


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